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Dr. Bruce Miller

Dr. Bruce Miller, President, has served God since 1972 in every area of Christian service. God has used Dr. Miller to build people and to build ministries. Twenty-six of those years were spent starting, rebuilding, or assisting Bible colleges (five in the United States and four on the foreign field). Hundreds of graduates serve God around the world that he has helped to train. Hear his burden. "Nearly 90,000,000 Americans live in the Atlantic coast states from Washington D.C. to Boston. Less than 200 students are currently training in fundamental Baptist Bible colleges in that region. Over 1,200 churches a year close in the 'Gospel-needy' Northeast!" "Atlantic Coast Baptist College is situated in the growing, Delmarva Peninsula, thirty-five miles from the Atlantic Ocean and thirty eight miles from the Chesapeake Bay. The college is a tool to train men and women not only for the great foreign mission fields, but to serve in local church ministries in this region plus form church planting teams with upperclassmen and graduates to start churches in the newly constructed communities of this area!"


Pastor C.K. White, Chancellor, is the pastor of the Bayview Baptist Church in Laurel, Delaware. This seven-year-old church regularly sees people saved and baptized.  God has used Pastor White to build a large youth group and many went to Bible college, to build couples classes in two churches, to administrate a growing Christian school and to administrate a growing church in the New York City area which grew from 75 to an average of over 300! During this time he has taught and served for nine years with Dr. Miller in the administration of two growing Bible colleges Learn more about Pastor White and his ministry at

Dr. C. K. White


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