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One-Year Bible Certificate

The One Year Bible Certificate program is designed to give the graduate a good Bible foundation upon which to build as he lives for God and serves in his local church. 
The student will receive class-hours the same as students receive in other programs.




First Semester
BI 101.3 Old Testament Survey
BI 203.3 Life of Christ
BI 209.3 Doctrinal Survey 1
PT 103.2 Personal Evangelism
CE 101.2 Baptist History I
ED 303.2 Teaching Bible
.2 Electives
17 Hours

Second Semester
BI 102.3 New Testament Survey
BI 106.3 General Bible Intro. (Inspiration, Canonicity, Preservation)
BI 210.3 Doctrinal Survey 2
PT 102.2 Preacher Men (Leadership)
PT 104.2 Christian Womanhood (Women)
CE 102.2 Baptist History 2, Polity
.2 Electives
15 (Men) 16 (Women)

The One-Year Bible Certificate Curriculum Includes:
Bible 18
Practical Theology 4
Christian Education 4
Electives 4
Total Hours 32

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