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Pastoral Theology

The four year Pastoral Theology program is designed to train men to be pastors, evangelists, assistant pastors, church planters, and youth directors. Each student graduates with a double-major in Bible (sixty-six Bible hours), and Pastoral Theology (thirty-four hours of practical theology and Christian Education courses combined). The Pastoral Theology program has a language emphasis and a non-language emphasis track.

The four year Church and School Music course is designed to equip men and ladies to lead music programs in the local church and in Christian elementary schools. The student graduates with a double major in Bible (37 hours of Bible classes), and Church and School Music (40 hours of music).

Church and Christian School Music

Christian Elementary Education

The four year Christian Elementary Education program is designed to equip graduates to teach in local church elementary schools. The student graduates with a double major in Bible (46 hours of Bible classes) and Christian Elementary Education (88 hours of general education, music and practical theology classes combined).

The four year Missiology program is designed to train men and women to win souls, baptize them, and disciple them and to organize them into new churches. Men and women graduate with a double major in Bible and Missions. Men earn at least 66 hours of Bible and 42 hours of missions, practical theology, and Christian education combined. Ladies earn at least 56 Bible hours and 47 hours of missions, practical theology, education (as many will home-school children), Christian education, and music classes combined.


Church Secretarial Science

The two-year Church Secretarial Science program is designed to equip a lady to be a church secretary with strengths in business classes, the Bible, and courses designed which are peculiar to preparation for local church service.

The Church Ministries for Men course is designed to prepare men for a multiple of church ministries aside from pastoring. The curriculum is the same as the Department of Pastoral Theology (non-language) less Greek, Pastoral Theology, Homiletics, Evangelistic and Expository Preaching, and the 134 total Hours are completed with elective hours.

Church Ministries For Men

Church Ministries For Women

This program is designed for ladies who desire training for local church ministries, but cannot at this time enroll in the four year, 134 hour course. 

The One Year Bible Certificate program is designed to give the graduate a good Bible foundation upon which to build as he lives for God and serves in his local church. 
The student will receive class-hours the same as students receive in other programs.


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